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One day, many years ago during a Soul searching session with Spirit, I asked a rhetorical question. What is the meaning of life?

Straight away came the answer in the form of a mnemonic – L.I.F.E

L.I.F.E is Living Intuitively Forever Evolving

Spirit went on to explain that “Living Intuitively is about listening to your deeper Spiritual Core. With regards to Forever Evolving, you have to remember that nothing in your world is static, it is forever evolving.
There is always dynamic movement, constant change,
sometimes creating profound transformations for some of you.”

This one day workshop will help you to create the purposeful life you desire & offer you empowering tools to live your life in joy, as a co-creator with Spirit.
Sounds simple enough but the challenge is, can we do all this easily and effortlessly? Yes we can.

What you can expect from attending this workshop

  • A deeper, authentic relationship with your Spirit Committee & learn a simple, fun way to receive their guidance without the mind interfering or blocking.
  • Realise the Spiritual Partnership & power you have, as a co creator in manifesting your desires and know that you never have to walk alone, again.
  • Acquiring the skills to dissolve separation & merge into the heart of Oneness.
  • Be proficient in eradicating conflict or indecision.
  • Get clarity & clear the blocks in what you truly desire.
  • Become aquainted with the principles of Manifestation.
  • Start the process of L.I.F.E – Living Intuitively Forever Evolving

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