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Soul Clearing, Recalibration & Spiritual Guidance Sessions

In preparation for your one hour session with Teresa, you are asked to come with two Issues in your life where you find that you are either blocked, experiencing the same old repeated patterns, or obstacles in moving forward.

Working with her Spiritual Counsellors, Teresa will start with a Basic Soul & Home Clearing Scan, before moving deeper into the issues.
As Souls we come in with certain programs, blocks & interferences which often impedes our progress in life.

Part of the session will include researching, tuning in & clearing the time line of your issues, and finishing off with a recalibration.
It’s like wiping the slate clean for you to Renew, Reset & Create a plan that you choose to have now.

To complete the session, Teresa will communicate through Spirit, any Guidance you may need to help you move forward.

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