Enjoy holistic healing retreats around the world

For many years I have organized discovery tours to ancient places of power and wisdom to various Middle Eastern countries as well as Europe and Asia.

This makes my trips so special…

Having been a tour guide myself in the past, I very much enjoy selecting some rather distinct places to visit. These trips therefore are unique – not something that can be booked through a normal travel agent – and will give you the time to follow your intuition and take in the places you most feel drawn to. Join me and a nice group of like-minded people and get ready to come back refreshed, enriched, fulfilled, empowered and ready for life again, in a more natural and down-to earth way.

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Building bridges is what we do…

Through my work I have helped people broaden their horizons, understanding foreign cultures better, working towards world peace, international understanding, striving to unite mankind.

In 2019/2020 you can join us on the following tours

Our next destinations

Swedish Lapland – Last Wilderness of Europe

Schweden (7b)21. July 2019 - 28. July 2019

Visit the land of the Indigenous Sami People in Europe’s last remaining wilderness. Lapland reconnects you with something within, it makes you feel like going home. This trip is about slowing down, feeling the regenerating energy of the Sami land and lakes and coming back to yourself beyond perfection and super productivity. It is about switching off and going back to a more natural way of life.

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Exploration Trip to Enchanting Eastbourne

Eastbourne (10b)4. September 2019 - 9. September 2019

Theme of this trip: “Renewing Motives”
Join us at this lovely traditional English seaside town, where there will be time for group excursions to see the natural beauty of the area, situated on the South Coast.
During our excursions special group exercises and meditations will enrich, inspire and impower us in our daily life’s, psychic and mediumistic development and our soul growth.

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Cyprus – Island of Aphrodite

Zypern (11b)3. May 2020 - 9. May 2020

Follow the calling of your heart
Discover the Island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Our quiet, small hotel is the ideal location, as the clear turquoise sea meets the strong energy of the hills and the rocks of the Akamas National Park. Enjoy a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon, feel the magic of the Bath of the Aphrodite and the mystical waterfall. Walk the Adonis Trail, visit ancient monasteries, and just enjoy life….

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Ireland – the emerald Island

Irland (8b)23. May 2020 - 29. May 2020

Have you always wanted to experience what it feels like to have your feet on the Irish land and see the Irish sea? The combination of the Celtic myths and legends with the Christian traditions introduced by monks who arrived to Ireland from the Holy Land in little boats makes Ireland so special. Feel this sacred and spiritual land, get the flavour of the ancient society and be inspired by Celtic knowledge and tradition.

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Mystical Glastonbury

Glastonbury (2b)4. July 2020 - 10. July 2020

Discover your own Avalon in the here and now! Come with me on this special pilgrimage of a unique kind. Legendary Glastonbury is one of England’s earliest, most important places, providing sanctuary, tranquillity, history and heritage. Every day we visit sacred places, giving access to the mysterious and Divine, and finding answers to our own questions of life.

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