Seminars, Demonstrations and Sittings with Gerrie
in Bavaria, Austria and Eastbourne

Each year I invite interesting guest tutors from different countries to Aschau for workshops, lectures and one-to-one sessions.

Gerrie March from London has come to us for almost 20 years. Working with her each time is an honour, joy and pleasure. She is a psychic medium and has worked for Spirit for more than 38 years.

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Gerrie March (1c)

Aschau | Bavaria

21st – 22nd March 2020 | Theme of this visit: Death & Rebirth

14th – 15th November 2020 | Theme of this visit: Stillness – prepare to find peace

Aschau is a picturesque village in the Bavarian mountains, noted for clean air. A nostalgic cable car is only 5 minutes in walking distance and takes you high up in the mountains. Very close are lakes, castles and many things to do and to discover. Find details of this popular tourist place on

The closest airports are Salzburg (within 1 hour by train) or Munich (approx 1,5 hours by train). There are quite a lot of English speaking students in the class, so communication is easy.

Demonstration with Gerrie: Fridays 19.30 p.m.
International Workshop: Saturdays 10 – 18 h, Sundays 10 – 17.30 h

Innsbruck | Austria

19th – 20th September 2020
Theme of this visit: Release – time to let go of old stuff

Each year international students from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and of course from Great Britain meet next to the famous Golden Roof of Innsbruck (Austria) in the Old town for our international weekend.

This is a good opportunity to meet old and new friends to develop further the mediumistic and psychic faculties, together with further human growth, and to spend a good social, happy time together…

Demonstration with Gerrie: Fridays 19.30 p.m.
International Workshop: Saturdays 10 – 18 h, Sundays 10 – 17.30 h

For hotels in walking distance we can recommend the Basic Hotel.
The workshop takes place at the Café Katzung in the Old town.

Innsbruck 2

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International Workshops

Special trips with Petra and Gerrie

Mystical Glastonbury

Glastonbury (2b)11. July 2020 - 17. July 2020

Discover your own Avalon in the here and now! Come with me on this special pilgrimage of a unique kind. Legendary Glastonbury is one of England’s earliest, most important places, providing sanctuary, tranquillity, history and heritage. Every day we visit sacred places, giving access to the mysterious and Divine, and finding answers to our own questions of life.

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