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1 hour 30 mins to include Questions

When we find ourselves in difficult situations or life challenges, many of us on this path, enter into prayer or dialogue with a power that we perceive to be greater than ourselves.

The name that you choose to refer this power as, whether it is God, Spirit, Angel or Universe, is not important, after all it is your own personal choice. What is important is the relationship & your conversation that you have with Spirit that matters.

These conversations are like prayers but prayers are not like bucket lists where you tick the items off, a bargaining tool or repetitively reciting what you want. A prayer is a conversation with Spirit, as you would a dear friend & when you engage wholeheartedly, you will see Spirit respond every day, in every way through the whispers of the Universe.

The Universe is consistently offering us a plethora of signposts; either to show us or confirm to us, the decisions, choices & direction that we are seeking in our lives. The signs can be very obvious, almost in your face, so to speak, but at times they are like whispers rustling in the ethers.

The Challenge for us, is to determine whether the signs are just wishful thinking or true Spiritual guidance.

This evening Teresa will share with you, how with the help of Spirit, we can understand, decipher & assimilate these gentle whispers in a powerful way to enrich & live our daily lives.

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