The philosophy of metaphysics is based on ancient knowledge which is thousands of years old. This timeless wisdom was very important in many civilized cultures.

Nowadays this powerful method is used not only by doctors and therapists to support physical health, but also by trainers to achieve best results in top-class sports, and to strengthen the individual in our fast-changing and challenging modern world.

When thoughts, feelings and actions are clearer,
Transformation of life can come nearer

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Discover yourself

Learn about the timeless wisdom coming from the philosophy of metaphysics. Touching your soul, and opening awareness to higher dimensions, allowing the mind to unfold, experiencing more health, healing, happiness, fulfillment and serenity.

Through my work, you can find yourself, reconnecting with the source of life, enabling more success and freedom. I am a mediator between the visible and invisible world, tuning into the energy fields and introducing you to this.

Metaphysics is an effective method, helpful in many areas of life.
Some examples where metaphysics can be applied:

  • to stabilize holistic health and become fitter in general
    • to recover more quickly after medical treatments or operation
      (to balance physical, emotional or mental well-being)
    • to lose weight, stop smoking, help quit any addictions
    • to calm down and develop more serenity

  • to increase concentration, memory and focus
  • to improve performance in personal, family and business life
    • to stabilize oneself at times of challenges and changes
    • to support self-motivation, creativity and social skills
    • to strengthen positive aspects of our personality
      (like self-trust, confidence, discipline, perseverance, courage, and more)

  • to clarify inner motivation and put ideas into action
  • to motivate children and teenagers at school and university
    • to learn more effectively and with joy to reach better results
    • to improve concentration and focus for studying
    • to help young people to believe more in their own potential and build up inner strength


Find your way

I motivate and encourage you to identify, develop and embrace your individual life journey, gaining inner peace and balance.

The following can help you:

  • Meditation, visualisation, powerful breathing techniques
  • Hypnoses, deep relaxation with effective affirmations
  • Intuition, creativity training and psychic development
  • Psychological consultations
  • Metaphysics lessons
  • Techniques to balance your life and discover your true self
  • Autogenic training/deep healing relaxation – the silent strength within
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