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Ali Norell is an author, healer and psychic medium from the U.K.

In July 2014, Ali’s youngest daughter, Romy, died suddenly aged five months and she found her spiritual beliefs to be severely challenged.

In the months and years that followed, Ali experienced numerous communications form her daughter’s spirit, many of which were then corroborated by independent spiritual mediums, restoring her faith in her spirituality and giving her much comfort in knowing that her daughter was, indeed, not ‘lost’, but walking alongside her in life.

In this evening presentation, Ali will tell her story as described in her book, The Truth Inside (O Books, 2019) and discuss the lessons she learned from her daughter’s life and passing. She will share how she navigated her grief and how she found inspiration to pursue her childhood dream of writing. She will explain how she came to consolidate her knowledge into her creative writing course, Write to Heal and how she made a conscious choice to walk a path of purpose and meaning, to honour her daughter.

After the talk, Ali will be available to answer questions and to sign copies of her book.

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