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Some call Glastonbury the Mystical Heart of England. So many legends connect with it, King Arthur, Morgan Le Fey, Excalibur, the Chalice Healing Well, the Abbey and Christian Saints, Glastonbury Jar and the vortex of energy there – so much to see and experience! This is where miracles can happen!

We will visit the important sacred locations, guided by Petra and guest tutors who will encourage and support the intuitive insights we can experience there, learning how to trust these deeper feelings more, so that they can later benefit us in everyday life.

Our mediumistic development can be enhanced by the sacred sites also, together with our understanding of the healing process, using the healing energy strongly present there – useful for our individual challenges in physical life.

Spontaneous exercises, teachings and deep, simple meditations will be given by Petra during these visits, to enable you to return home with precious knowledge and special memories.

Come and join us on this special trip to a very mystical place.
See you soon in Glastonbury….

Your personal travel companion

For many years, Petra has been travelling worldwide as a tour guide. Her goal is to build bridges between different cultures and people, and thus to contribute to greater understanding and a more peaceful and respectful mutual approach – always down to earth, with an open heart and mind.

Her motto has always been: We are all human and all interconnected.
This approach often opens new doors and gives insights into new, fascinating worlds, enabling us to experience life in completely different ways and providing views far beyond the horizon.

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