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Mystical Glastonbury

Discover your own Avalon in the here and now! Come with me on this special pilgrimage of a unique kind. Legendary Glastonbury is one of England’s earliest, most important places, providing sanctuary, tranquillity, history and heritage. Every day we visit sacred places, giving access to the mysterious and Divine, and finding answers to our own questions of life.

Mystical Glastonbury2020-04-24T12:58:45+02:00

Learning by the Lakes POSTPONED

Join Gerrie and Petra to learn about and experience the Austrian Lake District not far from Salzburg. We will support you in activating your hidden potential, blossoming and growing during this special trip.

Learning by the Lakes POSTPONED2020-05-28T15:29:35+02:00

Exploration Trip to Enchanting Eastbourne

Theme of this trip: “Renewing Motives”
Join us at this lovely traditional English seaside town, where there will be time for group excursions to see the natural beauty of the area, situated on the South Coast.
During our excursions special group exercises and meditations will enrich, inspire and impower us in our daily life’s, psychic and mediumistic development and our soul growth.

Exploration Trip to Enchanting Eastbourne2019-08-21T13:14:10+02:00